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The Horse is a hoofed animal (known as ungulate).  A popular animal, the first record of horses being domesticated is around 4000 BC.  These days most horses are domesticated with the only truly wild horse left being the  Przewalski's Horse which is on the endangered species list. Horses range from the free running to the highly trained race horses. In the case of the latter, it is a very highly specialist world, with top quality horses changing hands for extremely large sums of money  This is due to the high level of breeding. The expression ‘thorough bred’ comes from the world of racing where a lot of care and attention is taken to ensuring a good breeding line of the horses.  In some parts of the world, horses are used in the same way as cattle, for pulling carts and plows on farms.  Before the car, the horse was the common form of transport.

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Horse giving birth to a foul

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